Confection and drink set: SAKE, TEA AND WAGASHI - Wagashi for March “Sakura”

Mar 4, 2015
Category : Light Meals & Cafe Menu

March sweets for Confection and drink set is “Sakura”.

The appearance of cherry blossom is drawn by a simple design and color. Sakura sweets is consisting of two pale pink petals made of grated yam and between them a bit of smooth red bean paste into which Daitokuji natto is knead. This combination complements the palatability of the grated yam. A trio of Sakura, Sake and Tea creates a flavory harmony.

At this time of the year with flowers in bloom, we invite you to come and enjoy your relaxed time with a glass of sake at OZU Kyoto.

OZU Kyoto Media Coverage

Mar 4, 2015
Category : News

Various media reported on OZU Kyoto. Here is recent media coverage of OZU Kyoto.

Mar 3, 2015  An extra edition of the “Setouchi Finder” project, a collaboration of the seven prefectures that surround the Seto Inland Sea to showcase the area’s charm and character, reported OZU Kyoto.
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Feb 25, 2015  OZU Kyoto was introduced as a shop which hands on Japanese sake culture and custom in the article “Higashi-no Mise Nishi-no Mise (Shops in the west and east)” of a drinking culture magazine “Horoyoi-techo Taru (Tipsy Notebook  A Barrel)” March issue.


Feb 23, 2015  The article “ A proposal of Sake and Wagashi” of an entertainment information website regarding alcohol drink NOMOOO reported OZU Kyoto.
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Feb 20, 2015  Sake culture seminar appeared in the Kyoto Shimbun.
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Feb 18, 2015  OZU Kyoto appeared in the article titled “Now is the time to learn SAKE which is tapping into the global market” of a portal site posting local information “J Town Net Kyoto Prefecture”
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Feb 6, 2015  The seminar “A Tip from French Chef, A Bit of Elegance in Your Spring Meals” by French cuisine master, Dominique Corby, was aired in the segment of “Today’s Star Mark (Topic)” of MBS “Chichinpuipui”.