Gift for Father's day 2015

May 29, 2015
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OZU original gift set for father's day is now ready for sale from Friday, 29th MAY 2015. To present SAKE on Father's day is very popular in Japan as most of gentlemen love SAKE historically.This year, we offer you SAKE a la mode.

First, a bottle of YAMADANISHIKI with a wooden glass. The glasses made by wood are printed POP art and they give you the fashinable images which you may choose within 3 different design. The wooden glass with POP art is very hot item in N.Y. and even some fashion brand released their original wooden glasses. Furhtermore, YAMADANISHIKI is one of our most popular brand in our house which is made 100% pure YAMADANISHIKI rice grown in Hyogo prefecture. You can enjoy tasty SAKE with a fashionable glass. (2,200 JPY) This gift set is also recommended to bring to a party.

Another is set of SAKE put in a petit bag inspired by delivery bag which SAKE maison used to use before.You can enjoy 2 types of SAKE with this set, JYUN-MAI MOCHI-YODAN and JYUN-MAI GINJYO(300ml each). After tasting 2 different types of SAKE, you may carry the bag to put some accesories such as keys and a mobile. (1,500 JPY) This bag is also selected as souvenirs and "Petit gift".

This year, the Father's day is Sunday,21st JUNE. Why don't you bring our original gift set to enjoy the atmosphere with SAKE among your family.

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Announcement of our official Facebook page opening

May 28, 2015
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We have just opend our official Facebook page to connect to you more directly. We would like to introduce you how to enjoy SAKE more and better through this Facebook page.

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