Privacy Policy

Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Company, Ltd. (hereafter, "THB") places the highest priority on the appropriate handling and safe protection of our customers' personal information, so to that end, we are working to protect customer information with the following initiatives as our basic policy.
THB carefully handles and protects the privacy of customer information obtained from the use of our Ozu Maison du Sake website (hereafter, "this Website") in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out below.

Definition of Personal Information

The personal information as specified by THB refers to information collected from customers that can be used to specify individuals, including their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and so on.

Collection of Personal Information

THB may use information in questionnaires, prizes, product sales, or the distribution of direct mailing and email magazines within the scope of the purposes of use in order to provide better service. Personal information shall be collected using appropriate and fair methods. There will be no improper acquisition or collection of information.

Personal Information of Persons who are not Customers

Information from persons other than customers provided as delivery destinations for customer orders will only be used to ship orders, and will not be used to provide information for the Purposes of Use (2) or in other forms that allow the individual to be specified.
Any damages inflicted due to improper methods such as customer impersonation or personal information of others deliberately provided to THB may be dealt with through legal means.

Purposes of Use

THB may use the personal information of our customers for the following purposes. There shall be no use by THB of the personal information of our customers for any other purposes.

Shipping purchased products and/or awarded prizes.
Providing information and services that are appropriate and beneficial to customers, such as notifying them of products we handle or related services. In addition, providing information for opinions and reviews of THB (including opinions and reviews of products and services).
*Only to those who wish it.
Use when THB has separately contacted the customer and obtained their individual approval.
The creation and disclosure of statistical materials grouped by customer demographics (sex, age, prefecture, etc.) and which do not allow individuals to be specified.

Provision to Third Parties

THB shall not provide customer information to third parties, with the exception of the following situations. Note that when information is provided, a memorandum will be signed by the supplied party on the handling of personal information following confirmation that sufficient safeguards for personal information are in place, and appropriate monitoring measures will be taken.

When contracting to a third party tasks related to fulfilling the above purposes of use for the customer, and within the necessary scope.
When the customer has approved such in advance, or when THB has contacted the customer separately and obtained individual approval.
When a request for provision or query based in law is received from a public authority such as the courts or the police.
When it is deemed necessary for THB to disclose such in order to protect the life or assets of customers, third parties, or THB.

Management and Storage

As well as ensuring compliance with all related laws and other standards, THB will enact strict measures to prevent improper access, loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information, based on monitoring by the person in charge of managing personal information collected from customers. In addition, THB will work to ensure appropriate management and storage as it improves said measures in order to maintain accuracy in customer information.

Responses to Customers

Any customer wishing to query the details of their own personal information for purposes such as disclosure, addition, correction, deletion or other purposes or to lodge a complaint is requested to contact us at the number shown below. Following confirmation of identity, we shall respond promptly within reasonable limits. Note that THB may need to confirm the name, contact details, and other details of the customer in order to confirm their identity before we can respond to their request.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are a type of data used by websites to identify users. They are sent to the customer's computer, where they are recorded on the HDD. THB may send cookies to a customer's computer when the customer accesses this Website. The use of cookies allows THB to provide a more customized experience for our customers when they revisit this Website at a later date.
This Website will not collect any information that can identify individuals through the use of cookies without the prior approval of the customer.
It is possible for customers to set their computers to reject cookies sent from this Website. In this case, please note that some services on this Website may not be available.

Access History

Information on access to this Website is collected as access history in the THB web server, and used for analysis and statistics regarding how this Website is used. However, if deemed necessary in particular for reasons such as improper access, the access history may be checked. In addition, the access history may be disclosed on request for provision or query based in law received from a public authority such as the courts or the police.
* The access history on its own does not include any personal identifying information.


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