Product Lineup

Sake- the enrichment of everyday life- and a variety of accessories to help you better enjoy sake

Sake can enrich life's changing scenes throughout the seasons. Sophisticated, modern bottle designs brighten up your table in style. We also have a variety of seasonal sake cups, decanters and other accessories to add even more refinement to everyday living.

  • Ozu Premier Junmai Daiginjo 500ml

    This top-quality junmai daiginjo embodies consistent commitment of Hakushika who has been producing sweet-smelling flavor "Umakuchi Sake" with body and depth.

    2,750yen (+tax:220yen)

  • Original Tote Bag by collaboration of Ozu and Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

    We offer four varieties including dark reddish purple and rape-blossom yellow, using the pictures of "a deer against autumn leaves", "Ono no Tofu (Japanese historical figure) looking at a flog which is trying to jump at a branch of a willow tree" and others as motif of "Hanafuda" or Japanese playing cards.

    8,200 yen respectively (+tax:656yen)

  • Mini Ki-Masu - Wooden Sake Cup-

    This small-sized (approx. 36ml) sake cup can be of use to contain cute fancy goods

    300yen (+tax:24yen)

  • Sawara Sake Cup and Sake Vessels

    Kyoto craftsmanship creates the elegance of sake vessels made of Sawara cypress

    15,000yen (+tax:1,200yen)

  • Asahi-yaki Sake Cup

    The natural elegance of Asahi-yaki which is famous for utensils for various modes of serving tea will give colofulness of celebrating happy events

    8,000yen (+tax:640yen)